About Us! 关于我们

Natural Blue Marketing Sdn. Bhd. was established since 1st April 2007 in Malaysia. We dedicate to bring in the high quality organic products and health supplements to fulfill those who make organic and healthy lifestyle as their choice. The natural and organic food product brands which we carry include Organic Chateau, B’liv, Herb Garden, Greenmax and house brand – Natural Blue. Besides, we also carry the well-known imported health supplements e.g. Udo Choice and Flora from Canada as well as Salus from Germany.

Nowadays, people become more concern about their health, environmental as well as food product safety issue. As a natural and organic product wholesaler, it is our company’s responsibility to provide the right and factual information about our products to the retailers and consumers, therefore, we also involve in the marketing activity to educate the public about nutrition and health knowledge to strengthen consumer faith in the product we offer. Find out more our marketing activity in News & Event.

天之都在马来西亚成立于2007年4月1日。我们致力于引进高品质的有机天然食品与营养保健品,以满足选择有机与健康生活方式的消费者对于有机天然产品的需求。我们所代理的有机天然食品品牌包括有机厨坊、B’liv、禾园、马玉山及自家品牌-Natural Blue。此外,我们也代理世界知名的保健品包括来自加拿大的Udo Choice与Flora,以及来自德国的Salus。

近年来,大家对于养身、保健、环保与黑心产品的课题都非常关注。作为一个天然有机食品供应商,我们是有责任提供经销商与消费者正确和真实的产品讯息,因此,我们也参与了各种营销活动以教育公众有关营养与保健的知识,及加强消费者对于产品的信心。 想了解更多我们的营销活动,请按活动资讯